She was up for it

The 💯 STORY CHALLENGE and a friend in need of redress is a friend indeed. Screw that!

Image by Marie Michele Bouchard from Unsplash

“Must you leave?”

“Hey, I depend on earning wages.”

“But we won’t meet again?”

“Maybe not.”

“Shame you screwed well.”


“But I provided you with another conquest.”

“There wasn’t a battle. You were up for it.”

She reflected, ‘Yes, but my friend Emma took persuasion, something in her drink. The flashbacks were horrifying. When the fog cleared enough to complain, no one believed her.’ Despite those thoughts, the spoken words were, “Perhaps I was. Although only after you dragged me through the downstairs foyer and the vestibule of my apartment.”

“Ha, you needed propping up after drinking, but recovered before coming on strong in bed.”

After he departed, she swallowed the Rohypnol tablet. A small dose so that during the morning its effects would wear off. Later, she would visit the police and mention the security cameras. After blood and semen tests, they’d trace who supplied him with drugs.

Inspired by Zane Dickens 💯 Story Challenge. My third story, another one where the Unsplash picture whispered in my ear.



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