She was made up

The 💯 STORY CHALLENGE and a presumption too far.

Woman looking in the mirror using bright red lipgloss
Photo by Svetlana from Pexels

After painting the town red, she wouldn’t be satisfied with a goodnight kiss on the doorstep. Tonight, he’d perform miracles between her silk sheets. Tonight, she was going to scream with ecstasy. If her makeup was OTT, so be it, because he needed to recognize where their meal was leading to. The mystery was why he played hard to catch because in the office, they usually had fun together. Then today he was morbid, listless, and unresponsive, so she grabbed the bull by the horns. He represented the bull, and she was horny. “Okay, you’ve been a pain throughout the day and to bring about a recovery, I’m buying us dinner. No arguments.”

Sat at his desk, he glanced over his shoulder and said, “That’s sweet, but I’ll be lousy company.”

“You won’t. I have special attributes.” With that, she gripped him around the chest and rubbed her breasts on his back. The slight resistance didn’t deter her.

During the meal, he wasn’t a bundle of laughs, but that macho muscular body flexing in front of her eyes proved enough to make her tingle all over, especially the nipples and between her thighs. This hunk spent hours in the gym, and later he was destined to pour energy into many climaxes as their naked bodies became intertwined. She couldn’t wait. Although reluctant to risk extinguishing the few smiles, she summoned up courage to ask, “So why the sour face at work?”

“Sorry.” But before further words, he sobbed. “Because last night my boyfriend ditched me.”

Inspired by Zane Dickens 💯 Story Challenge and life’s disappointments.



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