She was in between caring

The 💯 STORY CHALLENGE and the unspeakable.

A woman with her hands bound in rope leaning forward with a pained deportment.
Image by Engin Akyurt from Unsplash

This person didn’t believe her protestations of ignorance. Already he’d tipped the contents out of the cupboards and from every drawer. Amongst the strewn debris, a broken chair lay in front of her. By beating her crouched over frame with the detached leg, it had become smeared with the blood that oozed down her spine beneath her blouse. Although after seventy years she kept youthful looks, her mind was older and weaker than her body. Only by regular visits from caregivers did she remain in her own home. Those helpers weren’t due again for several hours, and he continued shouting. “I know you have money. You’ve always been wealthy. Where are you hiding it?”

A further bewildered reply was beyond her, and even tears ceased to flow. She’d no memory of when he began this assault. The morning probably started with being roused, given breakfast, and moved to sit in her favorite chair, to which she was now tied. She recalled none of those events. Short term, nothing stayed in focus. However, mention of wealth flooded back memories of her husband. When her intellectual faculties eroded, he ensured advisors controlled their finances before the cancer he endured took his life. At least, before today, she had been secure. Although during the early stages of their journey together, good fortune blessed them, money hadn’t provided a contented marriage throughout. Albeit the birth of their child brought several years of joy, as he grew into a teenager, came the horror of seeing him incarcerated in a mental hospital. Had she recognized her tormentor, she might have wondered how he escaped.

Inspired by Zane Dickens 💯 Story Challenge and nightmares lasting beyond a bad dream.



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