She conjured up vapor

The 💯 STORY CHALLENGE and communicating with the dead.

Image by Priscilla du Preez from Unsplash

There was a hush. The other five members of the séance sat without moving as she raised herself to stare at the wall. Although the medium remained trance-like, everyone else watched the standing figure and the unmistakable glow coming from the cloud of ectoplasm ahead of her. The ethereal mist formed itself into a man’s face, after which the planchette span across the Ouija board towards a white-haired elderly gentleman. A voice emerged from somewhere. “You are seeking forgiveness. Follow your instructions.”

He shook with apprehension as he glanced at the table. During the distraction, writing had become sprayed on the back of his hand. “Pay the medium $10,000.”

Without hesitating he stood, “I don’t know how you performed this pathetic trick, but it’s rubbish. I’ve taken enough.”

With that, he departed, and the remaining group fell about with laughter. The clairvoyant said, “Oh well, he paid his two grand entrance charge. We’ll celebrate with some spliffs. Anyway, whose picture did you use in your floater?”

“Brilliant, wasn’t it? A photo of my grandad just before he died a couple of weeks ago. He appeared like a ghost already.”

Smoke drifted around the room before the party broke up. Then the medium and her assistant arose to their feet and hugged, but the older woman moved the hand clutching her butt, saying, “Sorry, I’m tired. I’m unsure how role playing sometimes gets to me, yet I felt an other-worldly presence today.”

“Okay, but I need you soon. These sessions turn me on, and I love ending them with sex.” After smiling, she prepared to leave and gasped while trying to speak to someone in the corridor, “Grandad, Grandad, I’m sorry.” But an unseen force sucked the words and her entire being from her mouth in a vapor trail of foul-smelling gore.

Inspired by Zane Dickens 💯 Story Challenge and disrespect (which can bite).



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