She came 30 days ago

The 💯 STORY CHALLENGE and hell hath no fury.

Image by Mahrael Boutros from Pexels

“Why the hell did I cum?” The murmuring to herself continued after a chortle. “Ha ha. Although I’ve come to their wedding, it’s been a month since he made me cum.”

Red wine befuddled her, yet she stuck to grabbing the bottle being passed around the table. On reflection, when the frequency of their dates reduced, she wasn’t sufficiently concerned. His exciting job paid megabucks, and he was grateful, as his career move had been based on her introduction to a new employer making vast fortunes. That arose because the business owner’s daughter was her best friend. Anyway, weekends away together were luxurious. Although that showed how well he was doing, she was still stunned when the president picked her sweetheart to be CEO designate. Rumors were rife that Daddy’s little girl found true love with his heir apparent. She ignored the gossip. After all, despite his busy life resulting in smoochy evenings and trips away becoming less frequent, they continued to fuck regularly. But their last screw was a goodbye session. No surprise, as he’d announced his intentions in advance. But she didn’t miss that final chance to have him cum inside her. She accepted the allure of marrying a billionaire’s child was too strong. So she’d lost a boyfriend after expecting to marry him and carry his children, and the bastard was planning to be wealthy while leaving her penniless. Good for him. As she mused on his desertion, the bride’s father disturbed her slumber, saying, “I’m sorry you’ve missed the happy couple departing on their honeymoon. While we’re clearing up; can I call a cab?”

“No, not yet. I have been waiting to chat with you.”

“Really? What do you want to talk about?”

“My intention to sue your son-in-law, very publicly, for child support.”

“How far gone are you?”

“About thirty days.”

“So a termination is still possible.”

“That could prove very expensive.”

Inspired by Zane Dickens 💯 Story Challenge and recalling being bloody-minded after too much red wine.



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