She bridged the gap

The 💯 STORY CHALLENGE and desperate measures.

Young woman in skimpy clothes standing on a city center bridge in the half light of the evening
Image by Masha Raymers from Pixels

When she left home, she didn’t expect this to happen. Her mum said, “Always ensure you keep your return bus fare saved in the cookie jar.”

She hadn’t. Despite being expensive, living in the city proved fun. The upside was she had friends galore who appreciated how to party. Last night, the partygoers drank their way through a fortune. She’d never tasted champagne before, but it flowed freely. That became the evening before this afternoon. The morning went missing. Although she eventually arrived for work, following a brief exchange, her boss sent her away. No job, no pay. Not only was the cookie jar empty, so was her purse. Hunger formed the least of her problems. While a fog surrounded her memories, she was 90% certain she needed to buy an emergency contraceptive. Her best friend couldn’t help, she was flat broke too. Her advice; “Go to the bridge wearing something sexy. Charge $120. Just smile and act the slut and grab your cash. Treat it as a one-off experience.”

The car pulled in and she smiled before he beckoned her over. It crossed her mind ‘how would she eat tomorrow night?’

Inspired by Zane Dickens 💯 Story Challenge and survival.



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